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OK, what do we have here? This is one part of my Bizaro room with bunch of posters, printed photos, photocopied record covers., flyers and bunch of other stuff. There are some Vaseline Children show posters here also, so let`s see what we have here.

Let`s start first with the two posters that are on the left side on the shelf. Upper poster is from a show in MC, Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia (17th November 2006.). Also were playing Growing Rats and Aktivna Propaganda, both bands from Slovenia. It was our first show there and it was one of the best VC shows ever. It was also sort of the begining of our friendship with Mladina Kina guys & Dravograd crew. Good times.

Below on the shelf is the poster from a show in MC, Krško, Slovenia (17th August 2007.). Also Mladina Kina played and it was the first show of our VC/MK European tour. This was our third time that we played in MC Krško (and in total VC played there 5 times) and we always liked to play there and not just play but we also like to come there on other shows because the shows there in 2006. – 2008. period were awesome! We were a bit sloppy at the begining of our set but the whole show was fucking great! And Mladina Kina killed everyone on that show, they fucking ruled! That was probably one of the best times of my life, without exaggerating.

On the wall, on the upper left side, you can see half of Vaseline Children/Let`s Grow show poster (the one with the skulls). That show was in Zagreb, in a club called Mochwara (03rd April 2007.). That was the first show of first Let`s Grow European tour. This show was OK but only because of our friends from Dravograd/Mladina Kina who came here and they gave massive support to both bands with singalongs, circle pits and dancing. The rest of the crowd preatty much sucked (as ususal).

Then Below this poster, you can see smal Vaseline Children/Kurwa Aparata/Ciroza Jetre show poster (13th May 2006.). That show was also in Zagreb, in a squat called Vila Kiseljak (R. I. P.). This was the second VC show. Ciroza Jetre played first and they fuckin` sucked. After they played, they and their whole crew went away. Good fuckin` riddance. The rest of the show was cool, VC played furiously and Kurwa Aparata played their solid crusty hc/punk. Zhbla fell hard on his head during Vojna Smrt cover from Odpadki Civilizacije that Kurwa Aparata played. That was when Zhbla was still punk, now he is into fucking stoner rock, fuck that weak shit!

Below this poster, you can see the poster from a show in Rouen, France (12th September 2008.) from our second European tour with Fx Px Ox. Also played Youssouf Today and Every Second Week (both from France). It was a weird show. Some people were on drugs and we definitelly didn`t used to that kind of crowd in Croatia. I liked Every Second Week (emoish melodic fast hc/punk) but wasn`t too much into Youssouf Today. I don`t know, they were just too sloppy and their drummer was hammered or on drugs and he didn`t know where he is at, so he was all over the place. Fx Px Ox played good solid set to a wild (drugged?) crowd and VC played furious and energetic set with lots of sweat. Dzano (Fx Px Ox drummer) broke the bass drum skin at the end of the set. One older lady said to us that we were fucking great and that we reminded her on Tear It Up (which she saw live when they toured Europe). I think that this is the best compliment that someone ever gave to us (as Vaseline Children).

Below you can see the half of the poster (the yellow one) from a show in Nancy, France (16th September 2008.), also from xVCx/Fx Px Ox tour. No other band played that night. The show per se was just OK, both bands played solid sets and there was not that many people there but it was OK. But, before the show, Vasko (Fx Px Ox singer) and Zhbla had big argument about some silly stuff, like the straight edge and its rules. I know, it sounds dumb on the paper and the argument included some other topics, but, what the hell, the argument did happened and it did killed everybodys mood. After the argument, Zhbla, Kiki and me definitelly decided that this tour is our last tour and that last show of the tour will be our last show ever and that`s it. We did talk about this option among ourselves during the tour and we wanted to see how the tour will go and we`ll see what happens. Well, we obiviously decided that we did all we wanted and could do with this band and we wanted to end it while we were still a solid hc/punk band. So, that evening in Nancy we said that to Cane, that this is it and that we`re breaking up and that Krško show will be our last. Cane wasn`t too happy about it and wanted us to play at least few more shows when we get back from the tour, but we didn`t want to hear it. Even if we did a proper „last show“, who would really care except for our few friends (and I think here of mostly Dravograd crew and since they were on our last two shows anyway, that mission was fullfiled). I remember on the Fx Px Ox show in Zagreb, after our last show in Krško, some people were coming to me and asking why we wont playing on this show, like they ever cared. It was really funny, because, the same people talked shit about us on a regullary basis and now they were like, oooh, you`re breaking up, how sad, please, play this one show, boohooo. Yeah, right. Fuck off, all you fucking hypocrites! But, anyway, I`m way off. So, after we got off our chest about breaking up the band, we played solid and laid back set. After that we had four more shows and that was it. On 20th September 2008. after the show in Krško, Vaseline Children broke up. But, I will talk more about that some other time. 

The poster next to Let`s Grow show is from a Vaseline Children/Mladina Kina show (upper left) in Komen, Slovenia (04th May 2007.). The place where we played was called Stara Šula and it was nice DIY place. You can`t see it on the photo, but on the poster Vaseline Children is described as „crust“, ha, ha! Very funny. There was something like 10 people on that gig but we didn`t care. We played our hearts out (both VC and MK) and just hanging out with Mladina Kina guys and driving all day with them (while it was raining like hell) to get to this show was really fun. Next day VC played probably the best show ever, but we`ll get to that later.

Below Komen poster is Vaseline Children/Fx Px Ox/This Home Is Prepared show poster (20th September 2006.) in Vila Kiseljak squat in Zagreb. That was last show on Fx Px Ox/THIP European tour that lasted one month (their first show was in Krško, Slovenia which was one of the best hc/punk shows I have ever seen). Both Fx Px Ox & THIP killed on this show and VC set was quite interesting because of the discussion we had with some people from the audience in the middle of the set. Oh yeah, check out how is writen VaZeline on the poster. We blame our comrad Fistra for that, he, he!

Next on the right is poster from our first show in Belgrade, Serbia (27th December 2006.) in a club called Ana 4 Pištolja. Other bands that played that night were: The Truth Of XXX, Home Sick Home & Sidekicks (all 3 bands were from Serbia). So many good memories are conected to this show, like hanging with bunch of our friends from Serbia and also some friends from Rijeka were there.  The show itself was really cool with wild atmosphere, with lots of pile ons, singalongs and some circle pits. One more thing. You probably have noticed that Tear It Up is on the poster. Well, I glued their logo to the poster just for the sake of fun and let me tell you, few people thought we actually played with Tear It Up, ha, ha!

Above the Belgrade show poster is a poster of a Vaseline Children/Mladina Kina/10˝ Monkeys/Destrukcija Stvarnosti show (07th July 2007.) in V. U. K., Varaždin. It was actually a house in a quiet neighborhood and shows there were great. I loved coming and playing there. This show was no exepction, from start to finish, it was one hell of a sweatty and positive charged energetic show. 10 ˝ Monkeys was sort of a project band that Mladina Kina guys and I had and this was our second show. I have a recording of that show on a tape, except for Vaseline Children set, because someone forgot to click the record button on a tape recorder during the VC set. Actually, Mladina Kina recorded their second demo that day in Zagreb, before we hit the road to Varaždin. That recording session was also fun, from repeating „Give Us a Chance“ song bunch of times to recording back ups. That recording was first put out by Mladina Kina guys as a tour CD (for the Vaseline Children/Mladina Kina European tour we did in August 2007.) and later that recording was released on a 3 way split CD including Vaseline Children, Home Sick Home and Mladina Kina. By the way, there is one mistake on the poster, that is: Kina Mladina, ha, ha!

Next on the right is a first Vaseline Children show poster (06th May 2006.). It was in place called Leglo in Novo Mesto, Slovenia. This was really cool place for DIY hc/punk shows and I played there few times with differenet bands and I was also few times on some other shows there. The place sadly don`t exist anymore. Anyway, on this show, also were playing: Kurwa Aparata, Dickless Tracy, Golliwog and Insane (all Slovenian bands except Kurwa Aparata who were from Austria). The bands were playing all different styles so it was from melodic punk rock to death grindcore. I`m not sure, but I think that we played first. We were preatty much charged and played a solid pissed off set with some covers like: Deny Everything (Circle Jerks), Depression (Black Flag) and Bilbord Revolucija (Fx Px Ox). I don`t think this is actually a real poster for this show. I recall that there was also a different version of the poster which was probably a definite version, but I only have this version.

Below the first show poster is a poster of our first show in V. U. K., Varaždin (09th December 2006). Other bands on this show were: Ab Ovo (that isn`t on the poster), Destrukcija Stvarnosti, BulletProof and Path Of Survival. Despite Pantera wannabe meets German imitators of NYCHC (BulletProof and Path Of Survival) rest of the show was really cool. Destrukcija Stvarnosti played last and were cool as usual. Ab Ovo played first and were nice surprise, solid hc/punk with funny lyrics. We played good set with positive feedback from the crowd. On this show I met Benko (who sang in Ab Ovo) for the first time and it was only second or third time that I saw Destrukcija Stvarnosti where Dankec sang and played bass. Now both of them are playing with me in Ugly Fucks and Benko also play/ed with Zhbla and me in: The Pathetics, Junk Messiah and Lied.

Below is a poster of a Vaseline Children/Fx Px Ox/Dyspnea show (28th December 2006.) that was in club called Castro in Skopje, Macedonia. It was the day after our first Belgrade show and this was the only time (sadly) that VC played in Skopje/Macedonia. This wasn`t the wildest show like some other VC or Fx Px Ox shows, but it was still cool show. Fx Px Ox killed as usual, Dyspnea were from Greece, played mid tempo crusty hc/punk and they were OK. Our set was solid, but the most memorable moment was when we played Play To Destroy from Tear It Up (which we played regulary for the most of VC existance) and Dzano (Fx Px Ox drummer) jump on the stage, took mike from the bass drum and furiously sang the whole song. Also I can`t forget hanging out whole day with Skopje hc/punk crew and our friends from Zagreb that were there (Fistra and Sunčana), those were some good times.

OK, the poster in right upper corner is actually a poster from a show that didn`t happened. The story is that the show should be on 24th November 2006. in Vila Kiseljak squat and bands that were suposted to play were: The Truth Of XXX, Final Approach & Vaseline Children. The show was canceled because someone cut all the eletrical wires from the squat and that problem couldn`t be quickly fixed. Since the show was canceled and guys from The Truth Of XXX already came to Zagreb (because they and us (VC) also played the next day in Rijeka), an idea of a hc/punk party/gathering occured in our heads and our friend Maša provided her fathers house that was out of town. So, whole Final Approach/Krško crew also came plus some more people. So, this day wasn`t lost and we had great time hanging out there. So, the show never happened, but the poster is still nice thought, ha, ha!

OK, let`s switch to another wall. Next to Rambo show poster (wow, that was 10 years ago!) you can see the poster from a Vaseline Children/True/Mikrofonija (all Croatian bands) show that happoened on 07th July 2006. That show was in the yard of Zelena Akcija (or the Green Action) in Zagreb. It was quite unusual spot for a hc/punk show, it was in the center of the city and the show wasn`t reported to a police so it was illegal. Police stoped the show later but that was already on the last band and they were almost finished with their set so the whole show still did happened. I think that we played first. There were lots of people there and they weren`t all hc/punx so it was interesting to see the looks on some peoples faces, whle we played, ha, ha! It was only our sixth show and on those early shows, we were so pissed when we played and we talked a lot of bullshit in between the songs too, ha, ha! And one more thing, we X-ed our hands regulary on our early shows (and even later) so that was also for some people kind of a shock. „Oh my god, they are straight edge, they will ruin our scene with their sober minds, ooouaaa“… But the thing was, we weren`t into some posi modern hardcore crap, we were pisssed off and angry four dudes that wanted to wreck the scene and built a new one with other angry and pissed off boys and girls that felt like us. Anyway, we played furious set and left people wondering what just hit their heads or something like that.

OK, then you skip one poster (Old School Or No Schol show) and you get to the poster of probably the best ever Vaseline Children show. That show was in MC Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia (05th May 2007.) and other bands that played were: Final Approach, Mladina Kina and Screwed Up. That was after our Komen show, we slept at Mičo`s place (Mičo played drums in Mladina Kina) and were hanging out whole day with MK guys and had great time. Just the line up for this show was fucking great. I was already totally into Mladina Kina and Final Approach at the time but Screwed Up also won me over with their great shows through the Balkan (they were on Balkan tour and before this show, I watched them play in Krško and Zagreb and both shows were incredible!). But the people who were on this show also mattered. Probably the whole Krško crew came to the show, my sister was there too and if you mix that with Dravograd and Slovenj Gradec crew plus 4 VC assholes, that meant it will be a rampage through the whole show. And it was. All bands just ripped and tore the place apart. Nobody stoped dancing through the whole show and it was just the best time ever.

And there is one more VC poster left, down below, the poster with Alec Makay photo from first Minor Threat EP cover. It`s from the show that happened on 29th August 2007. at Music House in Gratz, Austria. It was our last show on the European tour with Mladina Kina. Also Tangled Lines played. They also played with us the night before in Munchen, Germany. Actually, we didn`t sleep in Munchen and after the show at the 3 oclock in the morning we headed straight to Gratz. Mladina Kina guys were drunk and naked in the van (except for Tada who was driving) and on some guass station, Mičo  jump out naked of the van and took a piss on the parking lot. Punk rock! It was long and exhausting ride, but somehow we managed to come to Gratz and to Gerfrieds (who also play guitar in The Plague Mass)  and Veras (who also play bass in Boredom) place. We went to sleep immediately and some of us didn`t wake up till noon. Gerfried was laughing to us because some of us grew some cool moustaches on this tour. At least we thought we looked cool, ha, ha! The time we spent in the flat was so relaxing, we were just chilling, listening to music and reading zines. The show wasn`t the best. Some chaos punx were a little bit too violent for our taste for slam dancing and we tried to calm them down few times during our set, but without much result. The same continuned during the Mladina Kina set. There were some situations were it seemed too fucking violent for us so we were all reacting (we as VC and MK) during the MK set. At one moment, Kupa (MK singer) pushed little bit one of the chaos punx and I have noticed that the punk wanted to return the push (or a hit) so I pushed brutally the punk before he could get to Kupa. People from Tangled Lines noticed all of that and didn`t like how we reacted at the whole situation. We were interested to see how they will manage the chaos punx. Well, they didn`t. They tried at the begining with some posi talk which chaos punx just ignored and didn`t gave a fuck, so through their whole set the situation in the pit was still retarded. So, after the show we got into the argument with Tangled Lines (at least with some of them) about the whole situation. Well, the conclusion was from the both sides that we don`t agree on certain points but there weren`t any grudges from both sides. One more interesting thing on the poster. The desciption for Vaseline Children says: „Tucman fronted old school a la Tear It Up, Black Flag“ (Tucman is the last name of Cane, ha, ha!)… So, that was the last show on VC/MK tour and it`s also the last poster I`m talking about here.

Besides the VC posters, you can also see here lots of other pictures of Vaseline Children, The Truth Of XXX guys, Mladina Kina guys and Dravograd crew, Fx Px Ox guys and Skopje crew, Theysuck! guys, my ex girlfriend and still a good friend Maša, posters from other shows, some flyers and covers of some clasic hc/punk bands…

That`s it for this time. Winter still sucks and Bizaro room rules!

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