utorak, 26. veljače 2013.


I found bunch of old xVCx photos on my e-mail and some CD`s. These photos were taken on 07th July 2006. in Zelena Akcija, Zageb. I wrote more about this show in previous post, so check it out there if you miss it. 

You can notice that there is no flour tom drum. For some reason I couldn`t place it the way I wanted, so I just move it out of the way.

 From left to right: Gajo, Zhbla and Zlatokosa (who organized this show) goofing around.

From left to right: Gajo, Zlatokosa, Paayaa (Festa Desperato band & Drunk Nach Osten zine), Zhbla and Cola (too many bands to mention them all here). Interesting mix of t-shirts, Black Flag meets Sotatila meets Tear It Up meets Code 13.

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