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Vaseline Children & Mladina Kina – „Never Gonna Shut Up! 2007. Tour“

                            17th August 2007. „MC“ Krško, Slovenia

                                      Cane writing the merch prices.

                               First show on tour and it was a blast!

 18th August 2007. „Kino“, Dravograd, Slovenia. Also fucking great show!

                                                 Ohoho, privatno!

                                       Cane sniffing potato chips.

                                               xVCx tour merch. 

19th August 2007. xVCx & MK posing in Vienna, Austria in front of the van. Mičo took the photo.

21st August 2007. Day after the Bratislava show (which was very cool).

      Walk with me and my xVCx & MK crew through the Bratislava city.

                           xVCx & MK posing in Bratislava, Slovakia.

                                 Drinking almighty Kofola in Bratislava!

21st August 2007. See You In Hell Rehearsal place, Brno, Czech Republic. 
Another great show.

 22nd August 2007. Prague, Czech. Waiting for the xVCx seven inches.

 23rd August 2007. „Youth Center“ Roswein, Germany. Day after the show.

                    Mladina Kina guys doing their usual monkey stuff.

Mladina Kina aka Monkey Boys skating tough in Roswein while Tear It Up is blasting from the van (and losers from VC can also be seen in the distance).

                           23rd August 2007. „Liwi“, Leipzig, Germany.

                                           Poster for a Leipzig show.

               24th August 2007. „Koma F“/Kopi Squat, Berlin, Germany.

Again one of the best shows on this tour and very nice place for DIY hc/punk shows.

 25th August 2007. Nervous Breakdown rehearsal place, Munster, Germany.

Jan from Nervous Breakdown/Unrest playing Nervous Breakdown (Black Flag cover) with VC.

                            26th August 2007. „AZ“ Mulheim de Ruhr. 

Only 8 people were on this show but it was fucking great show! One of the best places for DIY hc/punk shows!

27th August 2007. „Manicus House“, Wagen Platz, Mainz, Germany.
There are no photos of actual show in Mainz (at least I don`t have them), so here it is, this one photo. Very cool place, by the way.

                    28th August 2007. „Kafe Kult“, Munchen, Germany.

                                         Do you want a ride with me?

                                          Cane testing jungle toilet.

                   Žbla can`t believe it, jungle toilet spirit is in the air.

                                    Cane also tried underwater toilet.

        Žbla found a record of his long dead pal, Sid Djubras Vicious.

                                       You talk shit, I cut your dick!

                        29th August 2007. "Music House“, Graz, Austria.

                  Our last show on this tour, but it wasn`t the best. Sorry.

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  1. I am so happy there it went well for you and it looks like you guys had a lot of fun thanks for sharing this with all of us here looking forward to more