utorak, 4. prosinca 2012.


                       10th February 2007. „Kino“, Dravograd, Slovenia.

VC played here without Kiki because VC originally were not suposed to play, but the rest of the 3 VC members were here so we played 5 covers and two VC songs. It was great show (all together) and this was also first „Kino“ show. Other bands that played were: Samouprava, Second Hand Emotions, Bojlers, Growing Rats, Final Approcah, Mladina Kina and Theysuck! (which was Theysuck! last show).

                           23rd February 2007. „MC“, Krško, Slovenia.
                           Benefit show for AnfemaFest. 

This was fun show. Evazija also played. VC were sloppy as hell but the atmosphere was one of the best, bunch of circle pits, stage divings, slam pogo, singalongs and such. VC played something like 10 covers on this show, crazy Krško & Dravograd crowd just would not let us get off the stage! Good times. 

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