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xVCx & Fx Px Ox TOUR part 1

Vaseline Children & Fx Px Ox 
„Who the Fuck is Davor Kristijan?“ European tour

I almost forgot, the real first show on this tour was suposted to be in Zagreb, in Medika squat (then it was still a real squat). Vaseline Children, Fx Px Ox and Evazija were on the bill. It was all fine and dandy, all bands did sound check and then the pigs showed up and started to make threats with calling more police back up and that we have to get out of there. Well, there wasn`t really any other choice then to back off so we did. Maybe we should fight the police, but then, we would probably end up in jail or hospital and then this tour wouldn`t happen. Sorry. 


The poster for the first canceled show.

30th August 2008. The first day on the road, on our way to Bratislava, Slovakia. 
The straight edge gang is coming to your town.
From left to right: Kiki, Vasko, Gajo and down below, Dzano and Rade.

First day on the tour and we made it OK. The show in Bratislava was in some DIY club, it seemed like a cool place. Only xVCx & Fx Px Ox played, there were not that many people and the show was just OK. The food was not that great haha.

31th August 2008. Bratislava, Slovakia. 
From left to right: Cane, Tripe, Dzano, Rade, Kiki, Vasko, Gajo and Tada.

Fx Px Ox & Vaseline Children on the stairs of some church. 
From left to right (front row): Dzano, Vasko, Zhbla & Tripe and the back row: Rade, Cane, Gajo & Kiki. 
I guess this was suposted to be the funny „serious“ photo, but I`m not sure that we pulled it through, ha, ha!

31th August 2008. Olomouc, Czech Republic. It was a second day of the tour and we were way too early. It was Sunday and we couldn`t  find an exchange office that is working, so we were starving. We walk throught the city, we took a rest in some park, took bunch of photos posing around and even begged some prist to give us some food, which he told us to get lost, ha, ha (the club was next to some curch). Oh yeah, Olomouc has the most churches in whole Czech Republic or something like that, so we heard. It`s like the chatolic paradise. And hc/punx there are into vegan mosh metal. When organizers finally showed up and brought food, we were happy like children. Also, xEye Of Judgementx from Holland played. They were into mosh. Metal. Vegan. I didn`t like the band (the music, guys from the band were OK). Both Fx Px Ox and xVCx played solid sets but nothing spectacular. Still, from the moment we ate, the whole evening was very pleasant. We couldn`t afford to go to sleep after the show because of a long drive that waited us because the next show was in Lublin, Poland which wasn`t so close. I slept through the whole night drive.

Just chilling in the park. Love and straight edge.

01st September 2008. Lublin, Poland. Gajo on the merch stand. 
Check out the red xVCx top on the pile of other xVCx t-shirts. 

As I was saying, the drive from Olomouc, Czech to Lublin, Poland was long and it lasted whole night and whole morning. I woke up while we were driving through some small place in Poland, we were stuck in a traffic jam and were moving very slowly. There were bunch of kids going to school (it was the first day of school) and they were all dressed the same, it was ridiculous. We felt like we somehow got transported into the past or something, it was just sureal seeing lines and lines of kids walking and all dressed the same. The show in Lublin was in „Tektura“ club/squat and it is really a cool place (two years later I was there again with Junk Messiah). I remember that there were lot of people on this show and a nice laid back atmosphere. Except for xVCx & Fx Px Ox, bands that also played that night were: Dead Vows (Sweden), Bora (Lithuania) and some local crust band that I didn`t catch their name. I wasn`t that much into bands except for Dead Vows, they were cool. xVCx played cool show and Fx Px Ox killed it! Later when we were getting ready to go to sleep, Zhbla had a bizaro scene with some girl and her boyfriend and also their weird friend. Bizaro shit.

Zhbla and Dzano with their favorite band t-shirts.

Cane and Tripe eating good food.

3 komentara:

  1. cane je u grunge devedesete fazi, a vi se, po ovome što čitam, ponašate ko hipiji.
    i gajo, samo da te čujem da protestiraš idući put kada te budem tjerala da sjedimo/ležimo na travi.

  2. vidio bi tebe da moraš čekati cijeli dan da bi navečer jela a nemaš gdje razmjeniti pare i kupiti si nešto za jesti, neki su skoro prestali biti vegan jer smo htjeli pojesti nizozemce kad su se pojavili haha!

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