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OK, I got bit lazy with this blog again. The thing is that I have bunch of ideas for the blog and have prepared material (photos and words that are some written and some are still just in my head), but I always rather put my free time and energy into doing my zine than this blog. What can I say? So, this time, just short rambling and few photos about the pits during Vaseline Children time. At the time, Vaseline Children had quite following of 30 to 40 people (mostly from Slovenia) that always danced on VC shows. And that crowd was consisted of boys and girls and it was far away from any macho bullshit. That is probably why I look on these times with nostalgic feelings and thoughts because I don`t see that kind of atmosphere anymore on todays shows. The photos below were taken on 19.-th January 2008. at MC Krško, Slovenia. It was the third year of Old School Or No School Festival that started in Krško in 2006. (I played on 3 Old School Festivals with my 3 different bands and this was also the fourth time that Vaseline Children played in MC Krško) This particular Old School Fest was cool except for a few retarded drunk and high losers that tried to ruin the pit with their asshole behaviour, but they were forced to calm down because few of us wouldn`t tolerate any of their bullshit. Of 4 bands that were playing, 3 were awesome and did a great show and on all of these 3 bands, circle pit, slam, pogo, stage diving, singalong and dancing didn`t stop untill the end of the show. As one band once said: „My friends and the pit, nothing matters to me anymore“. Well said. 

                                              Poster for a said show

Circle pit during the Depressive State set. There are two VC members in the pit and you can also see two VC t-shirts here (one you can spot easily but the other you have to look more carefully)

These two photos and circle pits were both taken during Vaseline Children set. There are too many familiar faces on these photos (specially in the pit), so I won`t name anyone. But if you want to know, just ask me who is who :)

This photo was taken during Screwed Up set. Look what happens when Tear It Up cover song is played. You can also see two VC t-shirts here

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