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OK, haven`t posted nothing in a while, still lazy as fuck to write something worth wile for this blog (although I have some ideas that are still just in my head). So here are some more Vaseline Children related photos that I have found on the net.

OK, this one is a interesting one. I found it on http://madebyonlymine.blogspot.com/ It`s a fashion blog of young designer Sabrina from Slovenia. The photo is taken in Kino, Dravograd which was one of the best places for DIY hc/punk gigs, rehearsals and similar gatherings and hanging outs. Now the place is just standing empty which is such a waste and the proof that the city government of Dravograd still don`t use this space for anything. Fuck them. Anyway, I`m not sure if Sabrina ever was on any Vaseline Children gig in Kino/Dravograd but some kids from the crew she hangs out with, definitely were coming on gigs in Kino/Dravograd. Thanks to Sabrina again for letting me use her photo and I wish her all the best with her fashion design work. 

This one is also interesting. I took it from myspace profile: http://www.myspace.com/mihaslovenia/photos/albums/my-photos/741275 from young dude Miha from Slovenia. On photo is his younger brother all dressed up in Balkan DIY hc/punk outfit :). So, there is: Pavilionul 32 hat from Romania, AK 47 and Razlog Za tapes (both from Croatia) and Vaseline Children t-shirt (the first one that we printed). 

This one I took from Ha - Ko Bastards myspace profile (http://www.myspace.com/hakobastards/photos/26024313#{%22ImageId%22%3A26024313}) Ha - Ko Bastards is/was a DIY hc/punk record label from Belgrade, Serbia and they released 3 Vaseline Children CD`s together with bunch of other Balkan DIY hc/punk labels. One of those CD`s was also the infamous 3 way split CD with Mladina  Kina and Home Sick Home. This photo was taken on 29.-th December 2007. in backstage of Mochwara club in Zagreb when all 3 bands played since this was promotional show for the mentioned split CD. All 3 bands also played two weeks before this date in Belgrade, Serbia with Path Of Decay and Let`s Grow, both from Belgrade, Serbia. I`m not sure if the photo was taken before or after the show, but anyway, you can see that we had some good time and the show itself was pretty good. On the photo you can see: the upper row from left to right: Mičo (MK), Kupa (MK) and Tada (MK). Middle row from left to right: Klemen (MK), Žbla (xVCx), Igor (HSH), Cane (xVCx), Kiki (xVCx), Gajo (xVCx) and Vojin (HSH). And down below from left to right: Bole (HSH) and Sićke (HSH).

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