petak, 3. lipnja 2011.


OK, while I`m lazy as fuck and while I post another worthwille xVCx post, here are few cool photos.

This cool photo came into Vaseline Children headqatters just few days ago. My sister Mirna (ex Evazija band/Ubij Me! zine) sent me the photo. On this photo  you can see xTisax from Trbonje, Slovenia, representing the spirit of Vaseline Children positive hardcore, haha!
Vaseline Children playing in Koma F club (Kopi squat), Berlin, Germany on 24th August 2007. Actually I came across this photo on Kopi website (, on Koma F section. It`s preatty cool that for the opening page for Koma F, they putted xVCx photo. xVCx played two gigs in Koma F and both were a blast. Also, Žbla and me played in Koma F last year with Junk Messiah. There was/is always good atmosphere and nice people in Koma F.

This photo was taken in front of Koma F on the same date as the photo above. I came across this photo on Aggroanuts myspace (,  punk rock band from Berlin, who were also playing with xVCx and Mladina Kina on this date. On this photo you can see: Aggronauts, Mladina Kina, Vaseline Children, few people/friends from Berlin and our friend Masha from Zagreb/Amsterdam.

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