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Mladina Kina representing xVCx t-shirts in AZ in Mulheim Ruhr on 26th August 2007. MK from left to right: Klemen (guitar), Mičo (drums), Tada (bass) and Kupa (vocals) down below.

OK, I haven`t posted nothing in a while execpt those xVCx videos so I guess it`s time for some cool Vaseline Children stories! I will tell you a story about our friendhip with Mladina Kina, guys from Dravograd, a small town in Slovenia. Lots of bands being punk or not punk have or had at some point a "brother" or a "sister" band. Well, Vaseline Children brother band was Mladina Kina and vice versa. There are lots of stories about the greatest times that xVCx spent with Mladina Kina and all of us from xVCx will carry these memories in our hearts untill the day we die. So I cannot put all of these great memories in just one post but I will put xVCx + MK posts once in a while so stay tuned! For the begining of xVCx + MK posting saga, lets start with Vaseline Children & Mladina Kina two weeks tour in August 2007. that was called "Never Gonna Shut Up Tour". 

Vaseline Children with Mičo Monkey posing in the rented black van in the front of Kino, Dravograd, 19th August 2007. just before leaving to Vienna. xVCx from left to right: Kiki (bass), Žbla (guitar), Cane (vocals), Gajo (drums) below the Kiki and Mičo MK below the Cane.

xVCx and MK posing in Kafe Kult in Munich on 28th August 2007. 


Cane floating on the positive Krško and Koroška crowd! 17th August 2007. 


Žbla, Gajo and Kiki pretending they`re not sloppy, Krško 17th August 2007.

xVCx & MK tour started on 17th August 2007. and our first gig as in "MC" Krško, Slovenia. At that time (2006. - 2008.) "MC" Krško was one of best places for hc/punk gigs not just in Sovenia but even further. For me, with all my bands, it was always great to play in Krško because of the enthusiastic positively dancing crowd, good atmosphere, good food and cool hanging out with the Krško crowd and all the other folks that were on the gigs. So, this gig was no exception. But let me rewind a bit. I remember that day preatty good because it was friday and I was working as hell at that hot summer day. After the fucking work I had to get to home throught the whole city but finnaly I knew that the touring will begin in just few hours... We all met at my place and Tada came to pick us up with the car (we still didn`t need the van at that point) and off we went to Krško! The rest of the MK guys came  to Krško directly from Dravograd with another car. Even though we were complete mess on the stage (kind of sloppy and kind of bad sound) I remember this show as one of our best, the crowd was so wild and positive, dancing, circle piting, stage diving  the whole time and singing along to our songs, what more could you want from a hc/punk show!?! And then Mladina Kina came on the stage! They ripped that night!!! This was definitely one of best MK shows that I ever saw! They were much more tight than us and it was just their night! The positive dancing atmosphere continued through whole MK set and after the show we were all so fucking wet, smiling and just fulfilled with positive energy! After the show some cool girls and boys from Berlin did an interview with some of us with a video camera, that was also a cool conversation and cool ending of a really great show and that whole night.

Kupa and crowd doing a manic singalong, Krško 17th August 2007.  

Mičo beating the skin, Krško 17th August 2007.

Klemen and Tada rippping, Krško 17th August 2007.
 And the stage dives on that glorious night :)


And my favorite one: manic MK singalong

And the circle pits on that glorious night...

This is it for the first part of xVCx + MK friendship story, stay tuned!!!

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