srijeda, 10. studenoga 2010.


We did lots of hand maded posters for this gig, here is just one of them...    
Where were we? After the Krško show, Mladina Kina guys, my sister Mirna and we (VC boys) headed to Dravograd in two cars and we crushed at Tada`s place. In the morning of 18th August of 2007. we first hanged out at Tada`s place for a while (from which is that infamous VC band photo (look at the first post on this blog)) and then spend whole afternoon in legendary Kino place jamming on instruments and hanging out. Kino was great DIY place that MK guys lost in February of 2008. because of the asshole narrow minded people who runs Dravograd. It was old cinema that MK guys (and some other folks) turned into a skate ramp, practice and gig place plus they just started working on infoshop but this project was never finished because at the time, they unfortunately lost Kino. We spent lots of great times in Kino (especially me) during its existence. But I will probably tell you more about Kino and legendary Kino gigs some other time. The gig itself was so fucking great!!! There were about 40/50 souls on this gig which was quite enough for small gig place in Kino and atmosphere was great from finish to start. First band that played that night was local punk rock band called Pogrešana Kvaliteta and they played solid set while people were warming up slowly with usual dancing moves and circle pits. Next were Mladina Kina and they tore the place apart just like they did a night before! It was intense set and one of their best performances ever! And the last were we, Vaseline boys. Unlike the previous night when we were preatty sloppy, on this show we ripped and set Kino and the crowd on fire! :) The great atmosphere reached its peak untill the end of our set and we all  remember this whole gig as one of the best gigs we ever played/saw. After the show, we all hanged out in huge Kino hall, laughing, eating and chilling. It was one more perfect end of a perfect day... 

Young Bajsi ripping with Pogrešana Kvaliteta in Kino, Dravograd, 18th August of 2007. 

Kori is wondering why the fuck is Tada wearing Lakers outfit, whatta fuck!?!

Another manic MK singalong while Kupa is spreading the fury in the legendary black evil bandana!!! 

Žbla showing his gay side :)

Mičo Monkey preparing to dive while Vaseline Children are blasting!

Kiki puting his ususal grimace while playing... 

OK, this photo is priceless!!! While Kiki and Žbla are caught up in their states of hardcore nirvana,  Gajo is spinning his drum stix (really!?!)  and Cane is showing his squid tounge (one of rare photo proofs that Cane is actually a giant squid) while walking a strange robotic walk (which is also one of rare photo proofs that Cane was also some sort of android (squid)). And the guy on the big picture behind Gajo is Ivan Cankar, a famous Slovenian writter and a poet in case you were wondering... And check out some cool gig posters in the back!

Kino crowd hanging out in Kino after this glorious gig...  

And for the end, one clasic group photo!

And that`s it for the second part of the xVCX + MK  friendship story, stay tuned!!! 

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  1. hahahahahahahahaahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :-)

  2. the story of this friendship is amazing and cool! it reminds me of my childhood bestie selena.part 2 seems pretty fun to read i had been waiting for it and i cant wait for part 3 to come.