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Welcome to Vaseline Children blog! We are taking over!!!

Hello! I`m Gajo also known as The Snake. This blog is dedicated to Vaseline Children, hc/punk band from Zagreb, Croatia that existed from November 2005. to end of September 2008. I`m doing a Vaseline Children tribute fanzine that will probably be out sometime next year and since this project will be in Croatian I think that it`s not a bad idea to do sort of Vaseline Children tribute blog in English so more people can get the real facts and informations about Vaseline Children. On the internet there are two VC profiles: www.last.fm/music/vaseline%2520children and www.myspace.com/vaselinechildren but no one from the band had anything to do with either of these profiles. Also, there are just basic informations on that last fm profile and on myspce profile there`s nothing at all. Yeah, you can listen to some VC music through those profiles but it`s not just about music and after all, you can download VC releases on some blogs so I still think that informations about the band are what matters more than noise, OK!?! I`m playing drums in Junk Messiah and there are also some neat posts related to Vaseline Children that I wrote, so check it out on  junkmessiah.blogspot.com Except VC stuff, from time to time I will probably write some other stuff on this blog, but the main topic of this blog will always be Vaseline Children. I think that this is enough for introduction. Soon expect some cool Vaseline Children goodies on this blog!!!

Vaseline Children having a breakfast at Tada`s place, Dravograd, Slovenia on 19th August, 2007.
From left to right: Cane (vocals), Žbla (guitar + back ups), Kiki (bass) and Gajo (drums)

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